Confucius Institute in Grenada


The Foreign Institution of CI at TAMCC is T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and the Chinese Institution is Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT).

In March 2015, the T. A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and the Confucius Institute Headquarters in China signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU was the authority for TAMCC and Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT) in China to enter into a partnership to establish / implement a Confucius Classroom. So in June 3rd 2015, TAMCC and NBUT entered into a Co-operation Agreement to establish a Confucius Classroom at TAMCC. In October, the Confucius Classroom was formally established. In 2022, Confucius Classroom is renamed as Confucius Institute.

CI at TAMCC is the only institute in Grenada that promotes Chinese language and culture. The intention of the Confucius Institute is to promote Chinese Language and Culture so as to build a bridge between Ningbo and Grenada, and to deepen the education co-operation and cultural exchanges between the two countries. It will continue to strengthen the relationship between Grenada and China, especially the communication, understanding and friendship among the teenagers.

CI has 6 full-time faculty members, including Chinese resident director, local Head and Co-director, one sponsored Chinese language teacher and two volunteer Chinese language teachers. Two local part-time Martial Arts instructors also offer classes. CI at TAMCC is about 160 square meters which includes the teacher office area, book reading area, the Chinese Cultural Experience Centre, Multimedia Classroom. Also, there is a Chinese cultural reading area in TAMCC library. Our focus is to provide the opportunity to those who are interested in Chinese and Chinese Culture, to learn Chinese Language. Each year, CI at TAMCC offers Chinese language class, Shaolin Martial Arts class, Traditional Chinese Medicine class and holds various thematic cultural events, with a total enrollment of 600 students. CI has become the recommended institution for the Scholarship of Confucius Institute Headquarters and is the only HSK test center in Grenada.


AddressTanteen, St. George Grenada

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