School of Foreign languages


    FOREIGN LANGUAGE SCHOOL OF NINGBO UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (FLSNBUT), founded in 1983, is constituted of English department, Japanese department, German department, Business English department and College English department, serving as a pilot in education of foreign trade talents in Ningbo municipality.

    FLSNBUT keeps a full-time enrollment of 1311 undergraduates, respectively with 446 in English program, 204 in Japanese program, 121 in German program, and 540 in Business English program, who are expected to be expert in humanities, language capabilities and international affairs. Additionally over 10,000 non-language-major students are registered in College English department.

   FLSNBUT boasts a faculty of 96, over 55% with overseas experiences, of whom 5 hold full professorship, 20 associate professorship and 62 instructorship, and of whom 10 are conferred upon doctor degrees, 4 pursuing doctor degrees, and 78 upon master degrees and above. The year 2012 saw the establishment of the NBUT-based Foreign Language and Literature Institute. Competent in academics and committed to administration, they aspire high by having published 6 research volumes, 15 course books, 9 translated volumes, and 194 monographs (6 on A-level periodicals); meanwhile on display is a large stock of fruits---2 ministerial-level academic programs, 25 municipal-level academic programs, and 15 municipal-level educational research programs.

     Well equipped with advanced electronic teaching / learning apparatus, it is accessible to the simultaneously-interpretation labs, digital vocal labs, self-study centers, a foreign-language study radio, a satellite receiver lab and a host of multi-media classrooms along with a department library and an audio-video den. 

    Oriented toward a high goal in upgrading learning efficiency, the students in FLSNBUT are motivated to participate in the English Society, the Sakula Society, the Rhine Society, the English Corner, the Japanese Corner, the English Radio, the annual Foreign Language Festival, and the publication of their own journal Bridge. Since 2015, they have won a cluster of honors at national-level competitions: 21 A-class rewards, 40 B-class rewards, 64 C-class rewards and 19 D-class rewards. More trophies have been granted from ministerial-level contests: 1 Special Top Reward, 4 A-class rewards, 16 B-class rewards, 39 C-class rewards and 19 D-class rewards.

   The past three decades have witnessed the commencements of over 3000 FLSNBUT graduates, who have been fruitfully growing not only in Ningbo but across Zhejiang province and the nation wide.    

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