School of Materials and Chemical Engineering


chool of C ngineering The College of Materials and Chemical Engineering is a merger of the former College of Chemical Engineering and the College of Materials. Academician Xue Qunji of the Chinese Academy of Engineering is the dean. o academicians (part-time), and person enjoying special government allowance from the State Council fourteen orty-five . Moreover, e of all teaching staff have a doctorate. college hemical engineering and technology, M aterial physics, and S he in year 2016 At present, there are twenty . It is worth mentioning that also The C aterials, University physics, S . , including aterials science and engineering, and cademician workstations of Ding Wenjiang and Zhang Yukui two of polymer engineering and technology

ha hosted and completed twenty-five projects, including National Natural Science Foundation it hosted and completed . has won three municipal science and technology awards. t has been received for scientific research; more than dvanced functional materials, Material Chemistry A, JACS, NPGAsia Mater, Appl. Phys. Lett and other high-level academic journals; and more than The College adheres to the "OBE concept" and adopts the talent training mode of integration of science and education to build an innovative platform for students have published sixteen authorized invention patents Moreover, the undergraduate students won t at the national level and special Every year, more than 15% of the.

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