Undergraduate Programs Admission (2019)



Undergraduate Programs Admission (2019)


Undergraduate Programs


1. International Business

2. Civil Engineering

3. Internet Engineering

4. Industrial Design

5. Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation

6. Accounting (NBUT-DSU 4+0)

7. Information and Computing Science (NBUT-WVSU 4+0)

8. Language Program




International Business, Civil Engineering, Internet Engineering

Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation


RMB18,000 Yuan/Year


Accounting (NBUT-DSU 4+0)

Information and Computing Science (NBUT-WVSU 4+0)


RMB 38,000 Yuan/Year


Language Program 12,000 Yuan/Year




In order to get a successful admission to our school, every student (must be aged over 18 and under 30) or the applier must submit all the required documents and follow the following procedures:-

The Required Documents:

(All documents should be in English or with English translation and scanned copies acceptable)

The Valid Passport Identification Page and All Visa Pages

The Graduation Certificate/ Diploma of Highest Education

The Academic Transcript of Highest Education

A Bank Statement of Cash Fund (issued in the name of the student, and equal to CNY30,000 for degree student OR CNY20,000 for language student)

A No-crime Record from the local police

The Application Form (completely filled in)

A Personal Resume

One Personal Electronic Photo

Note: If the student provides any false or incomplete document or information, NBUT will not make registration for him/her or will cancel his/her visa once found.


Procedures of Application:

Email ALL the required documents to sara@nbut.edu.cn (The applicant’s full name, home address, telephone number, intended program must be included in the email).

Pay the application fee (CNY 400 or USD 70) to the University’s bank account or to Sara after receiving acceptance email from Sara.


Bank Account of the University:


开户行地址:          宁波市农行翠柏支行


The University’s account in English is:

Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of China, NINGBO HAISHU BRANCH
Bank Address: No.239, Zhongshan West Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, PR. China
Account Name: Ningbo University of Technology
Account No: 39054001040000062
Swift Code: ABOCCNBJ390

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