The Scholarship Evaluation Methods



The Scholarship Evaluation Methods for International Students in NBUT

Chapter Ⅰ General Principles

To promote international students’ all-round development in morality, wisdom and physique and encourage international students with exceptional abilities and talents, NBUT sets up a scholarship program. International Students Affairs Office (hereafter refereed to as ISAO) will be responsible for accepting the students’ application, organizing the eligibility evaluation and managing the daily affairs. Under the guidance of Implementation Approach of Special Fund for Major International Students in NBUT , IEC specially formulates these measures.

Chapter Ⅱ  Basic Application Requirements

1.The candidates shall be the international language students or major students who have studied in NBUT for one year(including one year) and haven’t obtained any Chinese goverment scholarship.

2.The candidates shall be exemplary in obeying Chinese laws and all regulations of NBUT and be active in school events, public-spirited activities and social practical activities.

3.The candidates from majors shall be serious and industrious on study and have over 80% attendance.

4.The candidates from Chinese language shall be serious and industrious on study and have over 80% attendance. Besides, they shall learn and pass all courses arranged by IEC.  


Chapter Ⅲ  Scholarship Types

Name AmountYuan Quota Allocation Notes Fund Sources

Ningbo Scholarship for Excellent International Students 6000/20000 5% 6000 for language students and 20000 for major students Ningbo Municipal Government

HSK Scholarship 400-800  Meet the requirements IEC

Chapter Ⅳ Specific Application Requirements

 Ningbo Scholarship for Excellent International Students (5%)

The candidates shall satisfy the following requirements:

1. have studied in certain major in NBUT for more than one year (not including the current year’s graduates) and haven’t applied for temporary absence from school, keeping names on the school roll or extending the length of schooling last semester.

2.have a total score ranking in top 30% in class.

3.have over 90% attendance. active in social practical activities and group activities organized by colleges.

5.The candidates with HSK4 certificate have priority.

 HSK Scholarship(Each student shall be awarded once for each level)

1.400 Yuan for HSK3

2. 600 Yuan for HSK4

3. 800 Yuan for HSK5

Chapter Ⅴ Evaluation Methods

1. The scholarship evaluation shall be held annually.

2. The evaluation ratio shall be calculated on the rounding principle.

3.The qualified students shall apply to ISAO, fill out the application form and submit the current year’s transcript, certificates of honors or proof. Application date: from September 1 to September 15 every year.    

4. ISAO shall organize a comprehensive review by grades, determine the applicants’ scholarship level and type and make public the results.

5. The students shall be disqualified from all scholarships if they are in one of the following cases:

have one or more dark record

being absenteeism without leave permission in attendance check

do serious damage to the reputations of NBUT

④ have arrears in tuition, accommodation, etc.

Chapter Ⅵ Reward System

1.The awardee shall accept a certificate and corresponding money.

2. The students who satisfy the requirements shall obtain various scholarships in the same school year.

Chapter Ⅶ Other

The students who have obtained scholarship shall register at the specified time or get a late registration permission from NBUT, otherwise, shall be disqualified from the scholarship.

Chapter Ⅷ Supplementary Articles

1. This evaluation method shall come into effect on April 13, 2017.

2. International Students Affairs Office of ICE shall be responsible for the explanation of this evaluation method

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