Life Guide


1. On-campus dwelling

International students who need to live in campus will be allocated by the university according to their majors, campuses where they will take their lectures. Necessities include desk and storage locker, air-conditioning, hot water supply, campus wired and wireless network.

On-campus dwelling students should comply with the Regulations on Management of International Student Dormitories at Ningbo University of Technology. Violators will be treated in accordance with relevant articles.

(1) Accommodation fee and living expenses

Dwelling students must pay accommodation fee in a timely fashion.

Students who pay by academic year should pay the accommodation fee for the entire academic year.

Accommodation fee:


Room Type

Accommodation Fee

Degree/ Language Programme

(dwelling duration over 4 months)

Fenghua Campus

Twin Room



400   RMB/per month/per room

(utility bill excluded)


①    1200 RMB deposit is required before check-in. (Deposit will be returned with no item lost or damaged when check out)

②    Electricity price: 0.6 RMB per Kw•h;

Cold water price: 3.20 RMB per ton;

Hot water price: 30.32 RMB per ton

(2) Laundry service

Self-service laundry rooms are provided at each campus, where washing machines and drying machines are available. 3.6 RMB/ time

(3) Internet service

On-campus dwelling international students can apply for opening campus network account with International student office:

Rental fee is 360 RMB per semester

2. Off-campus dwelling

International students who need to dwell off campus must submit the Application Form for Off-campus Dwelling and obtain the consent from the International College. Off-campus dwelling international students shall sign formal and legal lease contract with the owner. Within 24 hours after move-in, they must go to the local police station in the dwelling area for a residence registration. International students who change their off-campus dwelling places must go to International College for registration and apply for new residence registration within 24 hours after moving into new place. They must go to International College to have their contact information, such as address and mobile number recorded.

Off-campus dwelling international students can apply to China Telecom and China Netcom for network service.

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